Earn More By Using Our Free Software

MegaTypers Software

It’s used to speed Megatypers.com captcha. 10 times faster than you work on the website.
1. you can work with multiple accounts at the same time.
2. You can type in about 1000-1500 captcha per hour and earn 5$- 10$ per day.
3. You can add or delete IDs at any time.
4. You will get upgrade software for free forever.
5. Your IDs will not be banned because of using our software.

screen shot of Megatypers software:
megatypers1 Megatypers
1. Software has pause option
2. Software has TIMER and auto login if you get timeout
3. Megatypers Software is not limited by how many ids could added in one software

How to Use Megatypers Software :
  6. Download software and unpack it with winrar, click here to download.
  7. Megatypers software needs netframework 2.0 , you can download at here
  8. You must run the software as administrator (right click on the exe file and choose run as administrator)
  9. Click Add Account(+ sign) (Your account must already be authorize in admin panel).
  10. Check the ids on the list
  11. Click start work (play sign).
  12. Do not use too many ids on software, use only many ids if you can type fast
  13. software has timer, if timer run out you will auto login
  14. Megatypers needs good connection internet otherwise you can easily banned
  15. if you cannot see image / no image,press esc on your keyboard

 Megatypers (ProTypers) , Surely there are some missunderstanding about megatypers is scam or not.
The fact is , Megatypers is not yet scam, If you want to receive payments from
megatypers then a worker has to work more than 4.5$ per account
when megatyper’s worker gets 5$. Megatypers will hold back a little
example: when you get 5$ Megatypers(Protypers) will pay you $4 and leave $1 remains in balance
so you need to work more than 4.5$ or 5$ per account.

We have created one sample id in that software for demo., you just open it and check that id and click start button to type the demo work.
If you like that software, and you would like to add your id in that, please send your megatypers user id and password to captchaentryjobs4u@gmail.com so that we will give access to your megatypers account to use our software. (we never miss use your user credentials, we are just asking that for giving access to your account for using our software and that's it.)